I Dream A World

I dream a world where justice, like a blanket, covers the unfair earth with freedom and equality, making everything peaceful and the impossible, obtainable.

I wish for a pheonix to rise from the ashes of hatred in the silhouette of justice, carrying tidings of peace, as the raven of bigotry plummets down to a bitter demise.

I wish for the human race, hand and hand, to march through the streets joyfully proclaiming happiness to be alive.

I hope that we can see not with the eyes of violence and resentment, but with love and respect for one another. 

We must coexist peacefully, we must hold on to hope. For now, we are raging a war of hatred.

We have walked down this path 100 times before, yet it always leads to the same destination. 

These invisible barriers built up over thousands of years of oppression and suffering do not come down easily, but in the world I dream, they are not there. 

I dream a world where fear is obliterated and people have the heart and the courage to put away their guns and lend a helping hand. In this world, we uplift the downtrodden. 

Hatred now exists beyond us, but only if we let it. For love is more accessible. We must accept that which we do not understand. Look up to people who suffer through the hate we give, and not down on them because of it. 

In order for this grand new world, we must learn to love and stop teaching hate. 

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