And I Dance Slowly

Summary: “And I Dance Slowly” develops the relationship between two men, one with HIV. Plaguing gay men, HIV greatly affected many lives in the 1980s/1990s, especially. This work shows the love they feel for each other, even as they continue their dance with death.

Trigger Warnings: HIV/AIDS, Death

My steps follow his- perfectly in time.
Each beat, seemingly flirting with fate
flickers through his pale face, mouthing
each lyric, as if sharing a secret.
And we dance slowly.

His embrace, hidden in the shadows,
remained our little secret.
Each staggered breath,
pulling us closer.
We are one.
And we dance slowly.

He falters.
His hands loosen his grip,
losing contact with pooling sweat.
His beautifully grotesque eyes stare back at me.
My lover, hides his purple sores,
and we dance slowly.

Curled up on the ground,
he’s taken out just as he was
brought into this world:
helpless. Only this time,

His pale spirit never left.
Our song still echoes
down the hall. Each step,
still ingrained into my feet.
Yet, my cracked lips tell
that I will soon follow.
He guides me,
and I dance slowly.

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