I Want To Be Loved- Ch. 1

Ari West is in the closet with anxiety, and when her homophobic mom finds her sister’s pride flag, the future is uncertain.

It smells like home, but it’s black, dark, and empty. I can feel my favorite blanket on my arm but it’s not there. There is nothing here, just me. I can feel the walls closing in, but there are no walls. I’m all alone now.


“It’s all in my head,” I whisper over and over. There is no more hope because it’s not in my head. This is real. I can feel the presence of Grace, my twin sister, sitting on my bed with me. She is just a ghost in the wind.


 Gradually the color comes back, the room is not black anymore. It is like I’m the ghost, I can see everyone but no one can see me.


My phone goes off, the soft sound of the bells of ring tone brings me out of That panic attack. I am home again. Grace hugged me and whispers in my ear, “You are not alone anymore.”


“I know.”


“I love you, Ari Ella West.”


“I love you too, Grace Gina West.”


We sat on my bed for over an hour, then my mom walked in holding Grace’s Rainbow pride flag that was hidden in the floorboard in Grace’s room.


To Be Continued….

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