we met at the collision

of words and summer storms

laughing in purple hoodies

and spreading our hair through warm grass

we forgot the reasons we shouldn’t

and locked fingers under streetlights,

too busy making memories out of mosquito bites

to remember the rest of the world

we drowned our feelings in the sparkling rain

and almost danced to hummingbird heartbeats

barefoot, bliss drunk, and content in

letting these moments last forever


but they never did

then it was fuzzy calls and staying up

just a little bit longer

and getting mad at the slow internet

because don’t you understand that

I need all the time that I can get?

we’re “sweet dreams” and “have a good day”

and early mornings and late nights

sipping tea and trying not to laugh in class

but missing so much that it’s crushing

so we focus on what we have

and try to forget about all the miles and time

until we collide again

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