Florists are Gay

Jenna Bennett carried over a tall plant towards the back of the flower shop. She placed down the pot carefully and then patted down the leaves. Jenna wiped the sweat from her forehead and rubbed the excess soil and dirt onto her apron. She glanced around the shop and a smile was planted on her face as she stared in approval. Jenna had spent the last few hours reorganizing and cleaning the shop until they closed. She had only been working as a florist for a few months, but she wanted to prove to her boss that she could handle taking care of the shop. Jenna flicked her wrist and then sighed in satisfaction. It was finally time to leave, and she made her way over to the door. Jenna flipped the sign over, showcasing the closed sign and stuck the key into the door. She had to grab her stuff from the back before she could leave.

As Jenna was in the back, a girl named Avery Myers ran up to the outside of the flowershop. The rain continued to pour down heavily outside. She poked her head into the windows and cupped her hands over her eyes to get a better look. “Shit. It’s closed.” Avery eagerly ran to the door and then began to pull on the handle. To no avail, she then lifted her fist and began to pound on it.

Jenna curiously turned back around and was holding her dirty apron in hand. She got a closer look and then shook her head, pointing at the closed sign. Jenna could tell the girl’s lips were moving but she couldn’t understand or hear what she was even saying. The girl just kept pointing to the sign and making hand motions.

“Please! I need to get in.” Avery yelled, banging once again.

“We are closed!” Jenna shouted, coming close enough that she could hear her.

“I need help.”

Jenna stared at her and then sighed. She wanted to go home after being there all day, but something about the girl intrigued her. The girl was tall, and she was wearing a blue mini-skirt completed with a blouse. It looked as if maybe she was coming from work too.

“Can’t you just help me out please? I’ll pay extra!” The girl shouted, opening her purse and waving money through the window. Jenna chewed on her lip and then reluctantly opened the door. Jenna looked both ways before closing it again.

“Thank you, oh my god. You have no idea how much you have saved me.” The girl said excitedly, running her fingers through her wet hair. “I’m Avery.”

“I’m Jenna..” Jenna trailed off, and then watched as the girl made herself at home. Avery wandered through the store and it appeared she had a goal in mind. “Do you need help with anything? We are closed.” Jenna reminded her.

“Actually,” Avery dug out her phone from the bottom of her purse. She came to stand beside Jenna. As Avery pulled up her pictures, she handed Jenna the phone. “I’m wondering what these pink flowers are exactly.”

Jenna chuckled lightly and then zoomed in. “And you need to know now?”

“Yes of course! I’ve had such an awful day.” Avery said defensively, crossing her arms. “My mother’s birthday is tomorrow actually, and I totally forgot to get her something. You see, we moved to a new house. My mom’s favorite flowers were those and I thought she would love to plant them again in our house.”

“Happy birthday to her.” Jenna smiled and then motioned for Avery to follow. “Those are Camellia flowers. They are rare and only grow in Asia. You’re lucky you got here while you could, they are a popular flower and loved by our customers.”

“You’re knowledgable.” Avery laughed kindly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Jenna blushed lightly but continued to make her way around the store.

“You are probably going to want to buy this soil with it. Otherwise, the flower might not grow properly and you’ll end up getting lots of weeds.” Jenna said to her, picking up the bag of soil effortlessly. She flung it on top of her shoulder as Avery watched cautiously.

“Be careful with that. It looks really heavy.” Avery said quickly, offering a helping hand.

“It’s okay.” Jenna brushed her hand away. “I wouldn’t want you to ruin that cute outfit of yours.”

Avery swallowed and smiled lightly. “It’s not that important really.” She said almost sadly.

“Looks it to me. I wouldn’t be able to afford that skirt.” Jenna added, throwing the bag onto the counter next to the cash register.

“Money isn’t everything. I know people say that, but I mean it. Money can brainwash and corrupt people.” Avery shuddered, following Jenna as they headed back to the pots.

“I know that, and in a way I’m grateful. I have to work three jobs a month if I want to make ends meet, but it’s taught me to be humble. I’m more appreciative now.” Avery hesitated and slowed her pace after Jenna’s comment.

“Oh god. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that you were ever like that, I don’t even know you really.” Jenna said apologetically, sighing and lifting the pot.

“No, it’s okay. My dad actually, he stole money from his company and ran off with it. He left us without anything, and my mom had to work to get here now.”

“Damn. I’m sorry to hear.” Jenna said sympathetically, turning around to look at her. Avery shrugged.

“I don’t usually tell people that, but I’m not used to hearing the truth really. Sometimes I could use a wake-up call on my ego.” Avery laughed lightly.

“I never was saying that. You’re different Avery, something about you.” Jenna said. “I don’t usually let people in after closing, you should feel special.”

“Sure,” Avery giggled and they exchanged a smile. Jenna then picked up the flower and gently placed it in the pot. “So, how long have you been working here?”

“Not long, just a couple of months. My dream is to actually be a singer, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Jenna replied, picking out dead leaves from the flower.

“What makes you think that?”

“I’ve been turned down a bunch by recording labels and other artists.” Jenna said embarrassingly, focusing on the flower.

“Just because they didn’t like your music doesn’t mean someone else will. They are just the wrong people.” Avery pointed out.

“Thanks. But nowadays, they want someone the rest of the world is going to like. I don’t think they would pay much attention to some gay girl with blue hair. It’s not like I’m that pretty either, I just don’t fit their cookie-cutter mold.” Jenna confessed, picking up the pot from the floor.

“Oh,” Avery said slowly watching as Jenna carried the pot to the counter. “I don’t think that’s true. I believe you’re pretty, and your hair just makes you unique.”

Jenna stood there surprised for a moment but then her shock turned into a smile. “Thank you.”

“Of course. I was just being honest with you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually tell strangers that.” Jenna stated quickly, grabbing a bag from behind the cash register.

“I told you something that some of my best friends don’t even know yet. We’re even.” Avery said, grabbing her wallet from the purse.

“I put your seeds in a bag for you.” Jenna said, grabbing Avery’s credit card from her. She slid the card in the slot and then handed it back.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” Avery stated.

“Have a good night Avery. It was nice meeting you.” Jenna said after a moment of silence. Jenna handed her the bags from behind the counter.

“Hey Jenna,” Jenna turned back around at the sound of her name and stared at Avery curiously. “Give me your hand.”

Jenna stared at her weirdly but followed her orders. Avery grabbed a pen from the holder next to the register and began to jot down numbers on Jenna’s arm. “That’s my number. I really liked chatting with you. Maybe we could go out sometime?”

Jenna took back her arm in surprise by the girl’s actions but smiled widely.

“I’d like that.”

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