subject line:

Subject line: we need to talk

It was deceptive how easy it was to mistake her boredom for affection,

She blurred the line, but apparently i stepped over it


I put eight years of broken mirrors and bruises on the line,

Eight years of late night talks and recess buddies

I didn’t ask anything of her, just that she



“I love you” were words that had always spilled from our lips like diet coke

As common as anything else, but a promise

“I won’t leave you”


This time, it came like a pound of flour,

Hitting hard, in the stomach.

“I love you…” i had never had to wait for a response

“No, i’m in love with you”

The words hung around us like moths around a porch light after dark


“I love you too.” The words were more weathered, they held so much more

“Are you sure?”

Her yes wrapped around us.


I gave her so many chances to back out

But she stayed.

But she stayed.


Why did she stay?


The next day i get an email.



Subject line:

We need to talk

Subject line:

I’m sorry

Subject line:

I made a mistake


A mistake is spilling coffee on a new shirt.

A mistake is overcooking popcorn

This is not a mistake.


Every time i looked up at the stars and saw her,

She saw something burning.

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