When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 14

Skyler had a full day planned out. First, a movie, then we go to a bowling alley and arcade, then an escape room, and then we have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, and after dinner, we take a walk and go stargazing. Then… oh, god… I’m nervous.


come to my house @ 3pm- Sky 💙


Ok. Should I bring something?- Lavvi lovvi💜


No but be ready to have some fun xo- Sky 💙

Lavender finally got there, in a stunning purple and blue sequined dress. Skyler was in a tuxedo  and a colorful tie. Lavender on their arm, they made their way to Skyler’s car, and headed to the movie theater. They watched Atomic Blonde and held hands the whole movie.

“Next we’re going to a bowling alley and arcade,” Skyler explained. They rented Lavender’s and their own shoes and got an alley. Skyler had to teach Lavender how to throw the ball right, because she’d never bowled before, and that made them get uncomfortably close. The couple laughed nervously, and their faces both became deep crimson.

“Well, h… how about you try to throw one on your own?” Skyler stuttered. Lavender threw the ball and got a perfect strike. Once they ended their game, and right next door was the escape room they were planning to do. With Lavender’s logical mind and Skyler’s creativity, no way they won’t escape! They had an hour, and they escaped 6 minutes before time was up using no hints. Still hyped up, they went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. They ordered what they got on their first date. Skyler had a mimosa and a chicken club, Lavender had a strawberry daiquiri and French onion soup.


After they got done eating and shared a cremé brulee, Skyler said, “There’s one last thing planned for tonight. Let’s go for a walk,”

“Okay, let’s go,” said Lavender.

They were walking hand in hand when they saw the hill Skyler had set up an area for laying down and stargazing. Skyler’s hands were shaking. They felt the box in their pocket, and they thought about when it started. The teleport. The flustered friendship. The awkward beginning. The sitting on the couch and making out for hours on end. The survival. The love.

“Before we sit down, can I ask you something?” Skyler inquired.

“Sure, anything,”

Skyler got down on one knee. They pulled out a small box. They opened it to reveal a dazzling diamond ring.

“Lavender Miele Bozzio, will you marry me?”

“Oh…my god! Sky! Of course!” Lavender could not contain her excitement. They were going to get married!

“I love you,” Lavender said whilst embracing her new fianceé.

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