A Collection of Poems

remembering your wings

my fairy wings grew in between my shoulder blades

sprouting from skin like a tulip

pushing itself up from its bulb into the fresh air of the spinning world.

nail clippers and scissors are not strong enough to trim wings

never enough to make you forget

that your


and hands

and feet

can fly.


it’s good to cry

salty and open

please cry because you finally can.

you’re safe to become a fountain

spilling over and out of a hard tile cage

you’re safe to be a sticky soft cloud

raining and rebuilding.

you’re safe enough to hold yourself up to your own constellation.

sometimes you have to get your cheeks wet

because you know they’ll eventually dry

it’s okay to open when you need to cry.


living and dying as one

i am not afraid to die.

when one tree’s branches

are depleted by human greed

they cry sappy tears

and then they keep going.

they keep trying to be green again

their trunks never stop smelling like vanilla

and their mushroom friends do not eat them alive.

in the forest

as in the world

we must help each other grow.

and when one of us has passed

through our starry skies

they meet another one

and their energy never dies.


garden yourself

let yourself feel clean and colorful.

let warm shower rain wash away the salt dried on your cheeks.

draw swirls of rose and sage and daffodil on your strong branch arms.

let yourself know that you are beautiful and decorated

let yourself know you are as fresh as a lily pond





my moon and sun are sore

there’s a space in my chest the size and weight of the hard, grey full moon.

i know pulling the tides is important

and without change we’ll both drown.

i keep thinking we are sitting on two separate shores

but really we are still swimming together.

our fingers still brush  as we pull ourselves through the current

we are swimming a different stroke now

but i still feel your sun somehow.

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