When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 12

Skyler sat anxiously on the couch, waiting for Lavender to come back. It’s been a few minutes… They were thinking when a flash of purple light glistened. There Lavender was, standing triumphantly on the couch holding a golden piece of some unknown substance.

“Yes! You got it!” Skyler exclaimed. They ended up jumping on the couch like little kids, yelling with glee. But Skyler abruptly stopped. See, they were interrupted by a loud crackling noise, the smell of rotting fish, and their instinct kicking in. They had learned a while ago that if you smell rotting fish, you need to check all the power outlets in case of a house fire. But strangely enough, every time they touched an outlet, it wasn’t warm. None of them were. Lavender had a look of pure terror on her face.

“Lavvi, what’s wrong?” Skyler approached Lavender. She said nothing. But she ran to the teleport and installed the piece of hardware. Then she started talking at ninety miles per hour and Skyler could only catch little snippets like “press the button and think” and “don’t be scared of the light” and “oh, god…” Right then they both heard a loud noise. Lavender ran for cover, and Skyler went to see what it was.

“NOO!” Lavender screamed, sobbing.

there was a meteor big enough to crush the neighborhood! Skyler couldn’t believe it. The meteor wasn’t moving or burning. They sprinted inside, and tried to find Lavender. She was huddled in fetal position under a desk, shaking and crying.

“I…it’s… th-he w-wish ag-agents… someone must have…s-seen me…”

Skyler was absolutely clueless as to how to comfort her girlfriend.

“They…they’re gonna e-execute me…”

Tears welled up in Skyler’s eyes, and slowly rolled down their face as the realization hit them. They were going to lose their girlfriend.

“…Delay them in any way you can if they take you. I have an idea,”

“I might as well just go,”

“You know what, just do that. It will work just fine,”

And with that, Lavender recovered and teleported into the ship.

“Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting that!” Lavender yelled at the Wish Agents. They pointed their weapons at Lavender who said, “Oh, point your silly guns. No way will you ever hit me,” And then, before anyone realized, they were running and dodging and shooting all over the ship. The cockpit disables the guns because someone might accidentally shoot the pilot. If I go there, they won’t be able to shoot at me. Lavender redirected her steps to the cockpit, and soon reached it. She opened the door, and noticed a flaw in her plan. If I’m in here, I’m cornered. They might not be able to shoot me, but they can catch me and tie me up. Lavender went for it anyway. Skyler will be here soon… right? She huddled in a corner and let them tie her up because she had hope. All the while she was thinking;


Sky, please don’t let me down.

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