When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 9, 10, 11

Chapter 9

“I’m going up to get that piece,” Lavender said.

“I know,” Skyler replied gently.

“No matt- wait, what?”

“I said I know. I understand you, Lav, I knew you would go up there and I know there’s nothing that can stop you,”

“I thought you would try and stop me…”

“Except I know you are really stubborn,”  Skyler laughed

“And I know you want one last kiss before I go,”


Chapter 10

So, another kiss turned into many kisses, turned into giggling on the couch again.

“Oh! Now is when all the Wish Agents go into power save mode,” Lavender blurted out.

“Go, go!” Skyler encouraged. “You can do it!” and in the blink of an eye, she had gone in a shine of purple light.


Chapter 11

First thing Lavender saw was the capsules in which the other Agents were ‘sleeping’ in. That had startled Lavender, and she stumbled and her hand almost hit the ’emergency wake up’ button. That was close… She had a pretty good lay of the ship, being an Agent and all. Lavender quickly found the teleport building room, where the defects were sent to make watches for the rest of time. They are in a different set of capsules, because… I don’t really know. Lavender decided to get a move on. The building room was huge. She found the last part she was looking for, and swiftly teleported back home. But, one of the builder agents had woken up early, and saw a fleck of purple. A malicious grin grew on his face.


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