When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 7

Once Skyler and Lavender got home, Skyler asked Lavender a question that will soon save both their lives.

“Do the wish agents have any… technology that we don’t?”

“Yeah. This watch is a teleportation device that can get me to where I need to be, but I have to do it carefully, because it always shines purple. In fact, they are really easy to make! You just need to deconstruct some household items, reform them, and there you go! A homemade teleport. Might be a little bulky, but that’s ok,”

“Cool! Can we try to build one?”

“That would be a fun experience. Sure!”

Skyler and Lavender spent the rest of the day finding some household items like toasters, hair dryers, and lamps. Then they started deconstructing them and finding the parts they needed.


“Heater from the hair dryer in here… “ Lavender explained.

“And the lightbulb up here!” Skyler finally was getting the hang of the logic of object placement.

Lavender turned solemn.

“We need one more piece,”

“Let’s go get it then!” Skyler said happily

“No. We can’t,” Lavender stated.

“Why not?” Skyler whined.


“Because why? Because I’m just human and I’ll mess it all up? Because I’m not a super AI, like you? Because I’m stupid and you don’t love me?!” Skyler broke down into tears.

Lavender had absolutely no clue what just happened.

“Sky, what the hell are you talking about?” She laughed, taking them in her arms. “Of course I love you. And I don’t think you’re stupid, or will mess anything up, or that I’m any smarter than you. You’re perfect and beautiful and you make me laugh every single day. I enjoy every second of your company and I wish I could have met you sooner. I love you, Sky, and no one else,”

Skyler’s eyes lit up and they thought to themself; Jesus christ, i’m not worthy of her at all. She’s super smart, beautiful AND gives really good pep talks?

I love you, ‘Ven,”

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