When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 6

Lavender and Skyler were walking downtown.

“This is my favorite shop. It’s called Hot Topic and I love it.” Skyler said. “It’s mostly aimed towards teenagers, but who cares?”

“Let’s go!” Lavender said. They enter the shop. Lavender wanders around and finds a little container of pins. Skyler finds a ‘cape’ that you hold behind your back and it looks like you have rainbow wings. They ran around the store, waving the faux wings. Lavender chased Skyler around the store. Lavender finally caught up and grabbed them from behind.

“Muahahaha! I have caught you!” Lavender yelled.

“You gonna buy that cape?” the young cashier asked. “Its $20.”

“Heck yeah!”


They exit the store and get some lunch. They each get a sandwich. Lavender notices there’s a big ruckus going on outside the store. She looks out and sees a crowd of people holding signs facing the street so she couldn’t read them. Lavender gets up.

“Lav, what’s going on?”

“I‘m going to see what that crowd’s doing.”

Skyler came too. When they got outside, they saw the crowd was an anti-LGBT protest. They held signs saying things like “God hates fags” and “Gays=pedophiles”

“Hey jerkwads! Watch this!” Skyler shouted. Skyler pulled Lavender into a deep kiss. She was surprised at first, but then quickly melted into it. They were followed by a chorus of jeers.

“You know what we do now?”


“We run.”

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