When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 5

Chapter 5

“First date. Where should we go? Restaurant, movies, or hang out at my place?” – Skyler

“All of the above.  I‘ll get takeout and we can watch a movie at your place.” -Lavie

“Genius. Qdoba?” -Skyler


Fifteen minutes later, Lavender arrived.

“Ok, should we watch a movie or just continue Steven Universe ‘cause I’ve been really enjoying that,” Skyler asked.

“Let’s watch… Steven Universe,” Lavender decided


3 episodes in, Lavender leaned in and said “Watch closely. This part’s important”

“You watched without me?!” Skyler yelled, hitting Lavender with a pillow and giggling. “You can’t do that! It’s relationship 101!”

Lavender picked up a pillow and started hitting them back. Eventually, they both sat back down on the bed, snickering. It never occurred to either of them that this was called a ‘Honeymoon phase’, and it wouldn’t last forever.

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