When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 4

Chapter 4: Coming Clean

“Hey. We need to talk about some serious issues. Be here ASAP.” -Skyler

“Coming. Should I bring something?” -Lavender

“No. Just yourself.” -Skyler

Lavender arrived 15 minutes later. While Skyler was pacing and planning their words, Lavender was stressing. She had never seen them with this strange demeanor!

“Don’t think I’m going nutty if this isn’t true. Or, do because I am. About a year ago, I saw a big purple beam come down and you stepped out of it! You fiddled with your watch and disappeared! Again, yesterday, you fiddled with the watch once you saw the news! I don’t understand what is going on…please…tell me…”

“I… I have to tell you, don’t I? Give me a second to play it out in my head. So. I am what is called a wish agent…” Lavender gave Skyler the speech all about who she is and where she came from and how she came to be.

“I know you’re hurt, but-”

“I’m not.” Skyler said, holding Lavender’s hands. She turned as red as a tomato. This time, both noticed. Skyler took their chance. “I get it. It was a rule where you came from. I‘ve always followed rules. Actually, there’s something I have to tell you. I have, for a while now, umm, I have  h-had… f-feelings for you.” Skyler turned deep red and buried their face in their hands. Lavender was stunned. Suddenly, she had a feeling in her chest she didn’t quite understand, but it was warm and somehow fuzzy. But Lavender was still shocked, and didn’t want to process it right now. Human love for an AI? How could that work? Lavender reminded herself that on all levels except physical, she is a human.

Skyler’s face fell. “You don’t like me in that way, do you?” In an effort of pure confusion and desperation, Lavender grabbed Skyler by the shirt and tugged them towards her, bringing their lips together for an earth-shattering kiss. It was like there were sparks! Skyler was shocked. Lavender, now a profound maroon, was fumbling around for her purse. Skyler knew Lavender wanted to go, but Skyler would not take that; not without another kiss, that is! Skyler smoothly picked Lavender up bridal style. She giggled.

“There’s my laughy Lavie!” Skyler planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Okay, first of all, THAT’S a steven universe reference! You MADE me watch it and i may have gotten hooked.” Lavender mumbled the last bit. “Second of all, let me down ya dork!”

“Only if I get another kiss.”

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