I Wish I Could Tell You

I wish I could tell you how much I’ve seen you grow
A thought that makes me smile,
Memories may be jagged but
The edges sand down over time.
Each struggle is fought with bitter blood and bones
Protected by the sweetness of a hug,
and the secure crook of the neck.
I see you continue forward and I am filled with pride.
I wish I could tell you how sweet you are
Your eyes are filled with care, soft and
You ask me how I am and I am reminded
Of love, and trust, and support.
And just that means more than you could know.
I wish I could tell you that you are perfect.
I could never be tired of looking at you
Memorizing your eyes, smile
The way your hair sticks up
Or how I run my hands down your waist.
Your laughter is like light,
Giving life to my love,
More contagious than I can help,
But your smile is second to none.
I could talk with you for years, or just sit next you.
If I am sharing a sweet kiss, or holding your hand,
I can be content.
You continue to grow, but you are perfect and could never disappoint.
I wish I could tell you I understand.
How anxiety can crumble happiness away,
Or how bitter thoughts betray, and invade
Until everything you are seems wrong, or
These things that grip our hearts are weaker than
And I wish i could tell you just how much i love you.
Imagine the stars in the sky,
Or every breath I’ve ever taken
And my love is still more.
Imagine something so driving and pure it inspires,
A fire lit inside of me,
Knowing I can do better.
My love is still stronger.
Imagine soft morning sunlight,
And steam rising up from sweet tea,
gripped in between a warm sweater,
And my love is still softer.
I wish I could say these things, so I will.
I am not afraid,
Because I am not alone.
I love you.

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