When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 3

Chapter 3: A Message?!

Lavender was hanging out with Skyler, watching the news.

“Jesse is at the scene of a meteorite crash. Jesse, what have you found?”

“I have found that there is quite a bit of metal in this one. I’m no expert, but I know this is a lot. And there seems to be some symbols. I can only recognize a few… They’re numbers. 36251. That’s about it for now. Back to you, Johnny!”

“O-oh, look a-at the t-time! G-gotta go!” Lavender stutters. She runs out the door. As you probably guessed, Lavender recognized her serial number and  the symbols on the TV. Skyler saw Lavender fiddle with the watch and disappear again! They sat there, dazed for a few minutes. They went to the bathroom and splashed water in their face. Skyler looked in the mirror.


When Skyler gets confused, they start spiraling; this is the start of that. Meanwhile, Lavender  is at the scene of the meteorite. She quickly finds the symbols. They read, ‘36251, what are you  doing?!’

Back to Skyler’s POV

Skyler is lying on their bed, look at the ceiling. The fan spins around and around and around, just like their mind… Jacques interrupted their thoughts.

“I made you some cookies. You’re in one of those confusion states, right? What’s on your mind?”

“You know me so well! Ok, promise you won’t think I’m insane?”


“ You know that girl I have been hanging out with? She saw the news, started stuttering, ran out of the house, fiddled with her watch, and disappeared! I just don’t kno-”

“It’ll be okay.”

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