When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 2

Chapter 2: A Romance Blossoms

Skyler was laying in bed, texting their new friend.

“It’s so weird, i swear i have met you!” -Skyler

“I’m getting that feeling now, too!” -Lavender

“Strange, right? Anyway, wanna meet up for lunch tomorrow?” -Skyler

“Sure!😊” -Lavender

Skyler is a romantic. They will find any way to relate anything you say into  something about love. It also means that they fall in love very easily. So, guess  what happened. Skyler only knows Lavender’s false past and her real personality.  To Skyler, they have a date tomorrow. Skyler lays out their nice clothes for  tomorrow, and goes to bed, content.

“Skyler, do you have a date?” Jacques teased. “You got that pep in your  step you only get when you have a date!”

“Pfft… it’s only a meetup with a friend. But I think of it as a date…” Skyler muttered.

“Oooh! Spill!” Jacques giggled

“Well… you kinda acted as matchmaker here. We met at the grocery store  when you asked me to buy ricotta. I saw her and thought ‘i swear I have seen her  before!’ I went up to her and she has a great personality! We got to texting and I  asked her to lunch!” Skyler explained. “Shoot! It’s almost 11:30! Got to go!”

Skyler got out of their car and headed into the restaurant. Lavender  waved at them to come to her table.


​Lavender is one of billions of Wish Agents. But, she is special. She is the smartest of the  Wish Agents. Usually, they don’t have feelings, but Lavender hacked into her own code, and  gave herself feelings. She was an AGI (artificial general intelligence- she has the intelligence of  a human) but AGIs can upgrade to ASI (artificial super intelligence- smarter than all humans  combined) within a matter of hours. Wish Agents don’t have a purpose after they fulfill a wish.  Usually they self destruct somewhere no-one else can see. But Lavender is now a human  without organs. The only brain she has is a computer, but she will go on as a human being.

Back to lunch.

“I am Alexis, I’ll be your waiter today. Have you decided on anything?” The waitress asked.

“I’ll get a mimosa and the chicken club.” Skyler said as Alexis wrote on her notepad.

“I’ll get the strawberry daquiri and the French onion soup.” Lavender said.

“That’ll be out in just a few minutes.”

The more Lavender and Skyler talked, the more Skyler loved her. But Skyler never noticed how much Lavender blushes whenever they say her name. Neither did she.

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