When You Wish Upon a Star Ch. 1

Chapter 1: First Encounter

Skyler couldn’t sleep. Had they been hallucinating? Just a half hour ago,  they saw a shooting star. They made wish; “I wish I could find someone to love.” Immediately after Skyler made their wish, they saw a purple beam come down  from the same star they wished on! From the beam emerged a beautiful woman, (she looked like a woman. Skyler was mistaken for a woman sometimes, but they’re nonbinary) about Skyler’s age. She had strawberry blonde hair and plump red lips. Skyler admired the asymmetrical bob she wore. She fiddled with her watch, and disappeared! Skyler was confused. They squinted their eyes in search of the mysterious person. They wanted to shrug it off and go to sleep, but they kept on thinking about the woman. Finally, Skyler dozed off.

“SKY! CAN YOU GET SOME RICOTTA?” Skyler’s roommate, Jacques, yelled up the stairs. Skyler fell off the bed. They started laughing as they rubbed the  back of their head.

“Did I startle you off the bed again?” Jacques chuckled.

“You need to stop doing that!” Skyler replied as they grabbed their purse.

“Are you leaving without a good morning?” He said, with mock sadness.

“You don’t deserve it! My butt still hurts!” Skyler joked. They elbowed  Jacques and left.

Where to get ricotta… Ah! There!​ Skyler turned their cart into aisle 7 to see the stranger from the night before!


This is Wish Agent 36251. Nickname: Lavender Bozzio. Assignment: Skyler. Wish: love.  This is going to be difficult. See, we can’t give feelings. We can only manipulate the future by acting like a normal person. Say you tell the person who you love that you love them. That  obliterates any future that includes not telling them. My job is to narrow down the possible futures until you get them to the one you would like the best. Only one problem… They aren’t  allowed to see us. That’s rule #1. Actually, 2. #1 is make sure that the wish comes true. Or else

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

What is going on?

Skyler closed their eyes and shook their head. They were afraid to open them. Slowly, Skyler opened their eyes.​ Still there… What’s going on?! Who is she?! Skyler decided to go up to the woman. Any longer staring would  seem strange to passers-by. She was about 2 yards away. Skyler had  approximately 8 steps to think. Crap.​ I could say, ‘oh, I saw you beam down from a meteorite I wished on!’ or maybe I could just be a normal person for once! I’ll say,

“I think I have seen you before. Maybe we went to the same party or school  or something.”

“The human brain retains every single face it sees. You could have seen me  in an ad, or walking on the sidewalk or at a restaurant. I have most likely passed  you at least 3 times.” She replied. Her voice airy and kind. “But say we were classmates, or went to the same party. Not to ask in a judgy way, but why did you feel the need to come up and talk to me? Lavender Bozzio, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Lavender. I’m Skyler. I go by they them their pronouns. I think we’ll get along well.”

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